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2007年6月Taking advantage of International Experiences, A Practice to Obtain International Perspectives with Arising Local Identity -Utilizing Stork-a Local Educational Asset, Let's Learn the Basis and Attitudes to Live together on Earth-Haruyuki ADACHI
2013年「Talking Scene 道案内」田中啓子
2014年9月Tanger- Pitzer 式を用いた H?0- NaCl 系における飽和水蒸気圧と臨界点の計算澁江, 靖弘; シブエ, ヤスヒロ; Shibue, Yasuhiro
2013年TARK6「電話をくれるようにお願いします」田中光一; 小泉香菜; Phillipa Keogh
2010年3月Teaching of Phonics to Japanese Learners of English: A Theoretical Analysis扇薗尚孝; オオギゾノナオタカ
2014年3月Teaching about Plurality of Perspectives : Educational Practices in Japanese Schools Teaching Social SciencesTanaka, Noboru
2007年6月Teaching Language Arts for Multicultural EducationYang, Tae-sik
2009年Teaching of Phonics to Japanese Learners of English: A Theoretical Analysis扇薗, 尚孝
2007年6月Teaching Strategy to Promote International EducationAkira SATO
1996年Teaching the Function of English Connectives for Expository Text Comprehension西本, 有逸
2015年3月The Characteristics of Lesson Study of Social Studies in Schools in JapanKiyomi, Iwano
2012年3月The Comparison of Japan and England about History Curriculum -A Case Study of Lower Secondary EducationNii, Masahiro
2012年3月The Description of Contents on Southeast Asia in Korean Middle School Geography TextbookSeo, Tae-Yeol
2012年3月The Development and Problematic of Social Studies Education in IndonesiaNasution
2015年3月The Effects of Drama-based English Instruction on Japanese University Students福嶋 光輝
2016年3月The Effects of Film Subtitles on L2 Vocabulary Learning田中 淳
2017年3月The Effects of Japanese EFL Learners' Proficiency on Evaluating EFL Essay Writing大西 潮音
2017年3月The Effects of the Phonetic Instruction on Japanese Junior High School Students' Listening Skills太田 洋平
2008年“The Fall of Freddie the Leaf” (葉っぱのフレディ)前北奈都
検索結果表示: 873 - 892 / 14477
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