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2015年3月Daphnia pulex(Iwaya strain)のライフサイクルに関する基礎的研究吉田 愛美
2017年3月Daphniaの休眠卵産出に関する研究工古田 伊代
1991年1月Dating the paleosols in loessial deposits in Netivot, Israel by electron spin resonance成瀬, 敏郎; 桜本, 勇治; ナルセ, トシロウ; サクラモト, ユウジ; Naruse, Toshiro; Sakuramoto, Yuji
2006年2月The Decline in the Academic Level of Japanese Children and the Development of Educational ReformEiichi Kajita
2012年3月Democracy and History EducationTsuchiya, Takeshi
2015年3月Designing a Collaborative and Resourceful EFL Classroom at a Japanese Junior High School江森 享子
2007年6月Develop Curriculum Contents, Expand the International Exchange, Establish Cooperation in Terms of Depth - Present and Prospect of The Internationalization of China’s Elementary Education -Wu Yingmin
2016年3月Developing Empathy for DEWI SARTIKA in Social Studies Learning in IndonesiaWiyanarti, Erlina
2007年6月Developing Instruction for International EducationOck-Ryeo Kang
2012年3月Developing Model for Teaching and Learning Entrepreneurship in Vocational School Based on Comparative Study between Indonesia and The Malaysia.Hariri Kamis; Nahiyah Jaidi Faraz
2015年3月Developing Students' Social Skills Using Textbooks with Character Content in the Social Studies Learning in IndonesiaNana, Supriatna
2017年3月Developing Values of Social Capital in Social Studies for Promoting Social Justice and Equal WorldNasution
2009年3月The Development of Language Production Ability of Junior High School Learners of English Through Self-expression Activities細川浩敬; ホソカワヒロノリ
2010年The Development of a Classroom Observation Instrument for English Lessons in Japanese Junior High Schools濟木, 美沙
2011年3月The Development of a Classroom Observation Instrument for English Lessons in Japanese Junior High Schools濟木 美沙; サイキ ミサ
2012年3月Development of a Virtual Survey of a Familiar Region to Develop Students' Content and Method Wisdom : "Why Is the Shopping Center Located Where a Factory Used to Be"?Nakamoto, Kazuhiko
1989年1月Development of Cognitive Model in Problem Solving長瀬, 久明; 正司, 和彦; 岩脇, 三良; ナガセ, ヒサアキ; ショウジ, カズヒコ; イワワキ, サブロウ; Nagase, Hisaaki; Showji, Kazuhiko; Iwawaki, Saburo
2007年Development of Multimedia Web Resources for Interactive Geometry EducationBEHNOODI Maryam
2002年2月11日Different behavior of photoluminescence anisotropy in porous silicon layers made by polarized-light-assisted electrochemical etchingHideki Koyama
2016年3月Direction of History Education for East-Asian Co-Prosperity : Paradigm Shift from Teaching History to Teaching HistoriographyHarada, Tomohito
検索結果表示: 311 - 330 / 14514
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